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Hello again

And welcome back to the newsletter which has been Missing In Action so far in 2022.

I am torn between various adages:

“Ask for forgiveness, not permission”


“Never apologise, never explain”

And that one from an internet meme which I think is both rude and nonsense: “Don’t apologise for being late, instead thank the person for waiting”.  As an early bird, that one really makes me cross.  I do not support that meme.

So, I’ll just go with a quick “sorry for the gap”.  I am now back and looking forward to sharing some more blogs and tips on communication, personal and professional development, and my coaching world.  As well as books and podcasts just because I can.

I hope 2022 has started well for you and that you have managed something of a break over Easter.

If you are wishing your first quarter (or first term) could have gone differently, remember that it doesn’t need to be January to start again.  You can make changes at any time.  And, if you haven’t stopped to think about whether 2022 has being going well or badly, this month’s blog has some reflection pointers for you.

Are you using your Superpowers?

Many of you will know that I practised as a barrister for 15 years, before re-qualifying as a coach and trainer.

I love what I do now – probably because I wear so many hats and work with so many different people that every day is different.  But I don’t regret the time spent at the bar and I think the communication, questioning and listening skills I developed there, serve me really well but I don’t always take the time to recognise that.

When did you last think about your strengths, what is going well, and what you want more of in your life – professionally and personally?

It’s something that most of us don’t do enough, so in this month’s blog, as well as bringing some barrister cynicism to coaching models, I share some questions that might help you in reflecting on the good stuff.

Here are just a couple of those questions to get you off to a good start this Monday morning:

  • What is going really well for you at the minute?
  • What did you do or what resources did you call upon to bring about those aspects of your life that are going really well?
  • What is about what you are currently dedicating your time to that really lights you up? (Can you do more of whatever that is?)

And, in case you missed it, (because I didn’t have a newsletter to put it in), I’ve also blogged recently about how to make your phone addiction work for you.

Reflections and fresh starts

I took some time out from client work last week to practise what I preach and reflect on where I’m up to and where I want to go next both personally and with the business.  And I started off with a question that prompted some brilliant reflections in a group coaching session recently:

List 6 things you are tolerating at the minute.

(I find that putting a number on it helps people get beyond, “Erm, nothing really”).

Give it a go and see what comes up.  And see what you want to do about it, if anything.

Have a brilliant month and I will try to write in May.  (The summer reading and listening blog is not far off either so do feel free to hit reply and send me your recommendations).

Take care, Cath x

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