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I recently hosted a free lunchtime webinar on coaching and self-coaching for career change, in an attempt to add some action and some value to International Women’s Day events. 

(I do love attending the fun socials, but I wanted to give something back and help any women who might feel stuck.  Men were also free to join.)

Coaching not telling

It’s a big part of my coaching philosophy that I help people find their own solutions, rather than impose my own solutions on my clients so the intention was to share some of the questions and prompts that I use when coaching professionals who feel stuck in their current role. 

Those clients might want to change role altogether, or simply to consider whether they are in the right place or not and what they could do to improve their working life.

During the webinar, attendees could ask themselves some of those questions, with time to jot down their instinctive responses, or they could take the questions away to think about at their leisure.

It is a very simple process but, for many of us, pausing to ask ourselves some searching questions is often something that fails to make its way to the top of the “to do” list.

I do intend to run the webinar again, at regular intervals, you can find current details below.  But, in the meantime, here are some of those questions that you might want to ask yourself.

Coaching Questions for Career Change

  • What words come to mind when you think of your job?
  • How would you mark your happiness with your current job (out of ten)?
  • What would that score need to be before you made a change?
  • If you knew that you were going to make a change, is it in your current role or a different one?
  • How recent is the dissatisfaction?
  • Has the role changed? The people? You?
  • Are you spending any time doing what lights you up?
  • What (if anything) is not sitting right?
  • What (if anything) can you do about it?
  • If change is starting to feel like the obvious answer, what is holding you back?

Developing a Reflective Habit

For an exercise like this, try not to edit yourself too much.  There is no need to find a perfect answer.  Nor do you have to answer each question.  Sometimes the real learning is in which of the questions leap out to you.

Webinars on Coaching for Career Change

The next webinar will be on 22nd May 2023, and I will limit it to 45 minutes so that it fits neatly into a lunch hour.  We’ll start at 13:05 and finish by 13:50.

You can book a free place here.

I realise this is a sensitive topic.  If you’re currently a solicitor or other professional in a big firm, this is probably not the kind of webinar you would want to log onto and “bump into” a colleague, so you are very free to join with your camera off, and your initials as your screen name.  We will not do formal introductions so you can remain perfectly anonymous as long as you have booked your place.

If you’ve tried the questions above and are thinking that this might be the right time for you to have some career coaching you can read more here, look at the packages available here, or email me on to arrange a free initial chat. 

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