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Hello everybody,

It’s been a while.

I hope all is going well for you as spring approaches.

I am having a busy financial year end but, importantly, I’m not stressed or hating it because I now do what I love.

Which is a not-so-subtle link to this month’s blog on what to think about before “doing a Jacinta Ardern” and walking away from a job that, to the outside observer, looks perfect.

There are some tips from that below as well as some news about an event for International Women’s Day.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if there’s anything I can do to help.

Staying or Jumping

Although one of my favourite sayings is “leap and the net will appear”, I do recognise that I need to be a little bit more careful and considered when providing the space and accountability for my coaching clients to make radical changes. In my most recent blog, I have set out a few of the steps most people will benefit from working through before making a dramatic resignation in the style of Jacinta or Nicola.

Some of the useful questions to ask yourself are:

– What is it that needs to change in the current scenario?

– How can you change it and who can help you?

– Is that enough or are you making excuses to stick with the status quo?

– What are your transferrable skills? (Don’t be shy, there may be more than you think. Aim for at least 5 so you don’t let yourself off the hook).

– What would a dream career look like for you? Would you be working for yourself? Or riding the peaks and troughs in your own business?

And, as a bonus, if what is holding you back from making the change is the fear that others will think you can’t cut it in your current environment (looking squarely at the Daily Mail here), then that is a perfect excuse for me to trot out my even more beloved quote from Eleanor Roosevelt,

“You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realised how seldom they do”.

International Women’s Day

I know there are lots of events on in the next couple of weeks so I am embracing my last-minute approach to go later and host an online event on 22nd March at 1pm.

It will be free to attend, with the recording made available afterwards and I’ll make it easy to donate to a suitable women-focussed charity as well.

More details will follow in a separate email soon but letting you know here so you can save the date. (The theme will relate to this month’s blog and will include practical self-coaching strategies to help you reach your full potential).

Communication Skills

I’m preparing some new modules at the minute on listening skills which I am going to try for the first time on the lovely coaches at Queen Bee Coaching.

So no spoilers for that but, in the spirit of us all doing better at communicating on all fronts, here are the top communication tips from my recent blog

1. Effective communication is purposeful – what do you want to achieve in this meeting/presentation/conversation?

2. Great communication doesn’t happen by accident – plan how, when and what to communicate.

3. Keep it simple eg if making a request stick to the barrister classic, “Tell them what you want and why they should give it to you.” Then stop talking and…

4. Listen more. Other people might have the solution you need.

5. Silence can be golden. It helps with listening for a start. But it also has a consequence.

If you’ve been putting off a conversation, instead of just focusing on the downside of having that conversation, focus just as much on what happens if you don’t have it.

Financial Year End

It is all go on the training front and I am always happy to speak to people who would like to send their training budgets in my direction.

Here is a reminder of some of the things I can provide training on:

– managing difficult conversations

– foundations of leadership

– communication/presentation/report writing skills

– tackling imposter syndrome

– how to mentor and be mentored

Or you can get me in to cross-examine you into health and safety compliance (whilst learning about your legal responsibilities).

Due to some of the inevitable date shuffling that goes on at this time of year, I can even do some dates before April if that’s what you need. And, if you’re thinking about career change, good luck with your choices.

Take care, Cath x

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