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Hi everybody,

This is the happy face of someone who has finally put a course live on Teachable.

How to Mentor and be Mentored

This first course has a focus on barristers and their chambers so please do forward this to anyone who might tick that box.

In 4 modules of no more than 15 minutes each, I have included strategies that really work so that each delegate can create their own toolkit.

For prospective mentors, prospective mentees or the volunteer pulling together a mentoring scheme, this is the place to start.

The topics covered include:

  • What mentoring is and why should you care
  • How to find a mentor and set up the relationship for success
  • Contracting – agreeing boundaries and expectations
  • How to maintain purpose and momentum
  • Who does what to ensure success – roles of the mentor and mentee
  • The key features of a successful mentoring relationship
  • Strategies for effective learning
  • Ending a mentoring relationship well

There is more information about my approach to mentoring in this earlier blog and more about this course here.

This month’s blog

My usual holiday blog on books and podcasts for your downtime is a bit delayed (did I mention I’ve been creating a course) but should be with you next week.

In the meantime, maybe check if you have tried the earlier recommendations here.

Take care, Cath x

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