I practised at the Bar (England and Wales) for nearly 15 years and bring all of that experience into the workshops I deliver online and in real life.

On this page you will find details of current workshops with a link to book your place on Eventbrite.

(All of the workshops can also be delivered in-house or to private groups).

What is holding you back?

I have worked with people who are allowing communication difficulties to get in their way, whether it is avoiding a difficult conversation, or taking one step backwards when volunteers are needed to give a presentation.

Some people fear conflict, or battle with nerves.  Some have difficult conversations all the time but never seem to get what they want.

And when I work with leaders, the issue that arises time and time again is how and when to give feedback (both positive and negative).

One to one coaching can allow clients to find their own solutions to these problems (and help them get out of their own way). 

But many people would prefer to attend a workshop and get a mix of content and one to one attention, as well as sharing the experience with others.


Group Coaching

I run regular group coaching sessions for lawyers (and on-demand for mixed or in-house groups).

You will find the link to the Eventbrite page to book your place below.

But if you want to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact me for an informal chat.

Group coaching for lawyers

You will be in a safe online space with other lawyers and there will be time for everyone to be heard and for you to help each other.

As a group, you can use the coaching time however is best for you.  It is genuinely client-led.

But, because it can feel like a bit of an alien world, here are some examples of topics my legal professional clients have tackled:

  • Improving communication within the team;
  • Time-Management;
  • Work-life balance;
  • Presentation skills;
  • Applying for promotion;
  • Overwhelm;
  • Career-planning;
  • Tackling a difficult situation which has arisen;
  • Managing difficult conversations;
  • Returning from maternity or paternity leave.